Monday, July 7, 2008

Project 2

Alright, again, sorry it has taken so long to get project 2 up. Blogger will only let me upload one picture at a time (what the heck??) so it takes forever.
Anyway, this was supposed to be a documentary project. I didn't really have anything to document, so I documented a surprise birthday/pool party. I chose only pictures from the pool because they are all blue, and I wanted the photos to look like a set (considering they are supposed to be).
I wish I could show you how they were arranged for display. Sorry that I can't =/


Le Reveur said...

I like the first, second, and last pictures best. If you want a thorough critique, let me know (though I'm not the most qualified for critiquing photographs, I can still give input).

Otherwise, the whole theme/set thing you intended came out very well. Coincidental?

Daniel Clark said...

I'm gonna get all nerdy and such, because I've been doing nothing but documentary work for that whole newspapery thing. *waves hands at the past*

Anyhow. This was done well. Choosing pictures from the pool was a great decision. Makes the set feel very cohesive. You also include a wide variety of emotions and actions. You weren't afraid to go close which is too often the fist misstep of any documentary photographer. And you took a step back when nessicary. All in all nicely done. I'll stop nerding out now.

Daniel Clark said...

On a second run through I'd like to say that taking another step back might be a good idea.

Though the fact that you didn't take a larger shot of the event implies that you want a feeling of closeness and containment.

Actually strike that first statement. I like it better without a wider shot.