Monday, July 28, 2008

Mom, please don't kill me because of this update.

Alright, so I went on a run today. I'm very out of shape. When I got back I walked a bit, stretched a bit, and sat on the couch for a bit. When I got up from the couch, my calves were SO TIGHT...owww. So I asked Mike if he would like to go on a walk so I could loosen my legs up. I took my camera and we walked to campus (across the street). Mike suggested we see if any buildings were open. None of them are supposed to be...theyre all key-card after hours. But sure enough, Smith Lab was open.
(Don't worry Mom, I had my mace and we were being safe.)

We started out in a couple of the lecture halls (in case you can't tell, this building is really, really old).

We then went upstairs. The picture below scares me, and I took the darn thing. Enlarge it if you get the chance, Mike is touching the glass. It creeps me out.

We then moved on to some rooms that are being...I don't know, renovated or something? They were mostly cleaned out but random crap was everywhere. Btw, who the heck leaves OPEN beakers of RANDOM chemicals on the counter in a room that's being renovated??

This was a creepy hallway thing that apparently goess between the rooms, probably used for wiring and heating and such. The doors were half the size of normal doors, and I refused to go in there but mike went to the room across this little hall thing, into a room loaded with chemicals, as can be seen here.

Like I said, mostly empty.

And I'll let you think about this last one.

Hope you enjoyed.


Daniel Clark said...

Very pretty. It's great that you're exploring your environment. That's how you find unique photographs, but you obviously know that.

These shots are great. I love the desk and chalkboard one. It's just perfect. Let me know if you figure out what's in that weird room, and if you figure out what's in that mini-hallway with the small doors.

Le Reveur said...

But you already know that. :)