Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I think I'm going to be responsible for shooting the track meet this weekend. This wouldn't be a big deal, except that the coach really dislikes me for telling her I was interested and then changing my mind. But really, which would she prefer? I half dedicated, unsure-of-what-she-can-handle freshman, or someone that was honest and said she couldn't participate? Plus, from what I hear, it was a good choice. Those girls kill themselves and hate every minute of it because of the coaching. Whatever. It was either that or some honor sorority thing (booorrrring), so there was really no choice. I guess we'll see what happens.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Nothing really exciting today, but I played in the water fountain a little bit. You'll probably think these shots are boring, and I totally understand. This really isn't "art"- this is me playing around with my new camera's settings so that I know what it's capable of. You don't have to look if you don't want to haha.

Now I know you won't know what this is if I don't tell you....

...so I'll enlighten you. This is my lovely model Mike's tongue in the disgusting drinking fountain water lol.

Aaaand Mike's finger...

And you REALLY won't know this one unless I tell you. This is my roommate's chinchilla's feet. Not a good picture, but I'm STILL shocked at how CLEAR everything is. It's awesome.

And the moral of the story is...I still love my camera. It's amazing.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

BBQ Qlub...cute.

So at 4AM this morning I was checking my email (because I'm the definition of compulsive when it comes to email-checking) and I had a new one from the new Makio photo editor. He was begging for SOMEONE to cover the Ohio State Barbeque Qlub meeting at 2 this afternoon. I considered it and...what were the odds that someone else who would be willing to do that shoot would be up at 4AM? Yeah, not good. And I was kind of glad to have the opportunity to do something actually PHOTOGRAPHIC...no more "Please please do copy" emails or "Deanna can you come in to help with design...again? Please? =/" emails. No....this was actual PHOTOGRAPHY...which would be good, considering I'm supposed to be on PHOTO staff. Not that I mind design. Copy on the other hand...

Anyway. The group shot was terrible, but that's okay, whatever. None of the pictures I took were particularly fantastic, but some of them were kind of funny. Consider this one....

The name of today's event was "Sausage Fest" (ha) and they cooked LOADS of sausages and baked beans. The weird thing about the above picture is...the president's (Mr I <3 BBQ) expression. He looks slightly disgusted by that sausage.

If you get a chance to enlarge the next one, check out that chick's glasses. Awesome.

I had to delete about 7 pictures because of one guy...I didn't realize that one of the grill masters was wearing an apron that was the body of a naked woman. Amusing, until I saw that half of those were good, usable shots. -.-

One guy really irritated me....he asked me why I was taking pictures, and I said "Yearbook," and he goes "Oh, high school?"

Okay...lets think through this, shall we? Why would a HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK want pictures of a COLLEGE BBQ CLUB?? Uh...yeah. So I said, "No. Our yearbook. Makio." And he goes "Oh. We have a yearbook?"


Where has this kid been all through college, really? Makio only has advertisements EVERYWHERE. Gosh. How do you know about BBQ Qlub and not yearbook? Luckily, none of the pictures he was in turned out very well. I'll leave it to you to decide if that's just a coincidence haha.

Anyway. Wordy post with less than outstanding pictures...sorry. Hope you'll keep checking anyway-it'll get better, I promise ha.

Take 2

So I THOUGHT I was done today...but I'm not. Mike passed out on my bed so I went to Mirror Lake and became enlightened on duck sex. Here.

Friday, April 25, 2008

First post-first day with the SLR

I got my SLR for my birthday. Came in the mail yesterday afternoon. I had a 6:30 midterm...it was SOOO hard to concentrate with a brand new camera in the room, if you can understand that. After adjusting some settings and getting used to the lenses last night, I took t he camera out today. Here are some of the shots from around campus-mainly the oval (in no logical order, because blogger decided to be weird and I don't feel like fixing it).

Alright, so I went a little overboard. Whatever. Lol.