Friday, July 25, 2008


Apparently there's a park behind my apartment. All I knew about was the baseball field part, but apparently there's much more to it than that. Mike and I went out there as the sun was setting and got back when it was very dark, and I was creeped out a bit so I didnt want to stand around for very long getting pictures, so nothing really turned out. BUT I have a question.

How come if the little kids at the rec center want to paint their trash can, they can, but if I paint my trash can the City of Columbus has the right to "remove it from [my] property"?


Le Reveur said...

Because the city of columbus is jacked.

If you wanted, that could make an AMAZING ACLU case. :)

Deanna said...

Lol. Thanks, but I'm not that serious about painting my trash can. I was just irritated at the thought.

Le Reveur said...

You should get property.
Then I'll fly out and mural it!
Then we'll both run a privacy rights constitutionality case against the city! Yay us!

Daniel Clark said...

Because city occicials (despite vicious rumors) sort of like children and don't like to see them cry when their hard work is power blasted off the dumpster. They care much less about your emotional state for some reason.