Saturday, May 3, 2008

Track (2)

The track meet was fun. I didn't see either of the coaches I had dealed with previously. It was actually really hard getting pictures of people from Ohio State...our team seems a bit small and there were TONS of teams there.

I wish I could have gotten more shots of the long jump...none of our athletes were jumping so I didn't spend much time there =/ I KNOW I can get some great shots of that, I'll just have to go back and do it some other time.

I really hate not having a press pass. I was standing at the end of the 100 on the other side of the fence, and six huge Big Ten Network guys with HUGE lenses came up and stood RIGHT in front of me -.- I was beyond irritated.

High jump was a good time, but hard to get a good angle, especially since the javelin people were starting right next to them.

The boys and I had taken our bikes over there, and the path back goes right by the river. They were being boys and took off, so I slowed down to see if there was anything by the river, and GUESS WHAT!! Geese. Goslings. And a groundhog.

I'm actually a bit disappointed with most of my shots today, but that's okay. Next time will be better.


Daniel Clark said...

I envy you! Also, very good shots. And, as I am a perfectionist, your focus is off by a little in the first long(?) jump photo. Even with that however, great photo.

I am really fascinated with the first photo. The expression is amazing.

Daniel Clark said...

Okay when I said "the first photo" it was the first photo. Now the one in question is the javelin thrower full body one.

Anonymous said...

GOSLINGS! Awww. :)