Monday, May 19, 2008


So it's been a while, I know. I took some pictures at an OSU baseball game that I've been meaning to get up, but haven't had a chance to yet. If you're a baseball fan, sorry to disappoint you, but you won't be seeing those pictures in this post.
Today I took some of the group shots for the sororities. Those are nothing special...but you should check out some of the stuff I got on the way back. Surprise visit at Mirror Lake by a Heron.

Mom was upset that baby was being a slow poke.

Alright...this picture...I really need a title for it. Mom and dad had a domestic dispute and mom managed to pull some of his feathers out...and now baby is going...huh?

This bird got a piece of bread stuck in its mouth lol


Now...I know the next two are not in focus (which makes me REALLY UPSET, because they would have been way cool)


Anonymous said...

Okay, the Heron is way cool. Super neat, in fact.

But those baby duckies are steal my heart every time. <3 Awwww.


Daniel Clark said...

God I love cute things.